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Coolant Automatic Tool Changer Digitizing 4th axis


The WL400,

Its everything you wished for!

Due to a high demand on cooling capabilities from our customers for faster industrial production, we decided to bring you the new WL400 series at an incredibly low price.
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Tabletop CNC Milling Machines,
Are they for you?
Why invest all the money on a single, over-sized and power hungry machine when you can triple production with three small ones?

When machining small parts or prototypes, a tabletop CNC machine can save you time, space, and money without compromising the quality of your product.

Are they up for the job?

Unlike many tabletops out there, our machines are capable of reaching incredible precision at incredible speeds thanks to our servo control technology.
Not only are they capable of machining, they can digitize, change and measure tools automatically, peck drill, and much more with a simple to use windows-based software...

Find out how using a Levil Tabletop CNC Milling Machine can benefit you.
CNC applications...
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