Metric                S.A.E.

Travel X-Z                       180 x 160 mm            7" x 6.3"

Swing over bed              220 mm  dia              8.6" dia

Hole through spindle     19.5 mm  dia             3/4" dia

​Number of tools                    8                             8

Tool Shank                       12  mm                      1/2"

Chuck Diameter               100 mm                       4"

​Spindle                           3,000 RPM                   2 HP

4 Boring Tool Holders for 3/4" Shank

Door Interlock

​110 VAC, 20A

Designed for education, laboratories, garages and small machine shops that need a complete CNC solution in a limited space.  The TL-F20 is capable of 24/7 industrial production of small parts in a variety of materials ranging from plastics to metals.


Desktop cnc Lathes