1. What does the cooling system consist of?
The machine comes with an MCT-5P cooling system. It includes the nozzle, tank, pump, piping inside the machine and filter. 

2. Are all the axis directly driven by servo, including the spindle, or are they belt driven?
The servos are belt driven with a ratio of 1.5:1. The standard spindle is a computer controlled, direct driven brushless motor with the windings mounted inside the spindle.

3. What is the max linear feed in Inches per Minute?
400 inch/min , 10 m/min

​4. How much is the shipping?
It depends on your zip code. Usually from FL (our warehouse) to NY is$400 to a business location and $450 to residential. Lift-gate services are provided by the trucking company for an additional cost.

5. Does the machine come with a vise?
No, you would have to get the vise and the tools from another manufacturer. We can guide you through what you might need and where to buy depending on your application. 

6. What is the axis thrust?
Standard 0.6 N-m with DC brush servos.

7. Do you provide a computer or do I need to get one?
A laptop computer is included with the software installed. Your machine will ship ready to work.

8. Is there an option for rigid tapping?
The WL-F400 is capable of rigid taping up to 6 mm with the LS-20 spindle.

9. I do not know how to to program a machine, is it hard?
The machines work by reading a code called G-code. It is a fairly simple code that tells the machine to move in three different directions(X, Y and Z). There are many books that can help you getting started, however, taking classes is the best way to learn all the tricks of CNC machining.

10. Once I receive my machine, how do I program it?
You can write G-codes directly into the machine control and make the machine move, however this process will take very long when the parts you want to machine have complex features.
There are CAM (Computer Aided Machining) programs in the market that allow you to draw your 3D models and set the tooling path over the 3D model. Once the tooling path is prepared, the CAM software will generate the G-code to be imported into the machine control.

11. Do I need a specific CAM software?
No, many of the CAM programs are similar and may only differ in price. We have partnered with SmartC​am
, who offer top of the line solutions for CNC milling and CNC turning.